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We also offer service repairs with trained technicians.

Specializing in the construction  of commercial building interiors, including renovations, retrofits, tenant build-outs, additions and more. We’re workplace orientated with strong technical know-how, years of experience and a customer-centered philosophy that adapts the construction process to your workplace,
 virtually eliminating the inconvenience and disruption associated with such

Let us show you how construction and commerce can peacefully coexist during your next interior building project. Hillcrest Construction Inc. 
recognizes that construction projects in occupied spaces required a different
approach than those in unoccupied ones.As a result, we take special care to
accommodate our customer’s needs to operate a business in association with a major or minor interior renovation, by isolating small areas of a larger project
and or working off hours to complete the project.


Please contact our office to schedule a service call or send an email to:


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